What we do

We provide technical advisory, research and capacity building services

i-San Associates specialises in urban sanitation in the developing countries of Asia, Africa and South America. We are a multidisciplinary team with a proven track record working with many leading sector organisations. We provide technical advisory, research and capacity building services with the following core competencies:

What we do

i-San stands for Integrated Sanitation Solutions and our approach to improving urban sanitation is to seek out interventions that strengthen an array of issues from technological, social, financial to governance at local and national levels, underpinned by:

  • Equity: a citywide approach with a tailored pro-poor focus to urban sanitation provision and improving access to sanitation services.
  • Planning & management: to achieve integrated planning and management of the sanitation value chain at a city level.
  • Private sector involvement: to improve framework conditions that will support the involvement of the small-scale private operators and informal sector in sanitation service provision.
  • Capacity development: to build capacities of local governments and private sector in improved sanitation service delivery provision.
  • Governance: to strengthen financial, regulatory and policy frameworks in the sector.
  • Political will: to strengthen the political commitment to improving sanitation at local and national level.

What we do 2

We believe the key to talking urban sanitation lies in identifying appropriate management structures, institutional arrangements, acceptable technologies, financial mechanisms and local businesses that can provide an effective scale of operation is crucial for sanitation services to be sustainable. This requires careful planning of what needs to be done, by whom, and how (targets and required investments), and how a sanitation system will be maintained and with what resources (organization, management, cost recovery etc.)