Adrien was part of the team behind the recently published World Bank report ‘Evaluating the Potential of Container-Based Sanitation‘.

Key Emergent Lessons from this work are:

  • CBS approaches should be considered as part of a menu of CWIS options.
  • The introduction of CBS services could be considered especially for poor urban populations for whom alternative on-site or sewer-based sanitation services might not be appropriate.
  • Adopting a conducive policy and regulatory environment could be an important first step for governments looking to foster CBS services in suitable areas.
  • Recognizing that CBS service providers will likely not be covering their full costs in the short term—and that most urban sanitation services are subsidized—public Evaluating the Potential of Container-Based Sanitation xvii authorities and/or water supply and sanitation (WSS) service providers could explore ways to ensure that CBS services are sustainably financed.

Taken from: World Bank. 2019. “Evaluating the Potential of Container-Based Sanitation.” World Bank, Washington, DC