The IRC All Systems Go! Symposium held in Den Haag March 2019 will ask what are the key components of the national and sub-national WASH system that need addressing to contribute to SDG 6.2?

Pippa is speaking at the IRC 2019 All Systems Go! Symposium, presenting the Sanitation Cityscape, a framework that guides her work to ensure the key components of the urban sanitation system are not overlooked. There’s been some really excellent work done in recent years on developing the tools and analysis for sanitation service delivery and the enabling environment – this talk aims to locate those tools within a wider urban systems framework that helps show what parts of the puzzle they are addressing and, importantly, where are the gaps in the urban sanitation puzzle.

There are no separate systems.The world is a continuum. Where to draw a boundary around a system depends on the purpose of the discussion 

Systems Guru, Donella Meadows

The Sanitation Cityscape Framework locates sanitation service delivery within a wider urban systems framework. Urban systems are not liner and the cityscape provides a conceptual framing of where sanitation services are located vis a vis urban residents’ demand, tenure, neighbourhood typologies (i.e. the living environment) and the ability of the city to deliver basic services (i.e. the enabling environment). The Sanitation Cityscape considers complex urban sanitation service delivery systems. It locates existing tools (i.e. Living Conditions Diamond (Gulyani and Basset 2010); the SFD (2017) and enabling environment analysis (World Bank 2016) to look beyond the linear framing of sanitation services to gain a better understanding of the surrounding context and externalities. It captures what is happening around sanitation service delivery and why, highlighting the key interfaces between sanitation stakeholder and some unusual suspects who are sometimes overlooked in the sanitation value chain. This paper will present the framework itself as well as a case study application of the framework to an urban sanitation baseline survey. Using the Sanitation Cityscape Framework, 16 indicators describe the sanitation service delivery context under 4 thematic areas: i) the living environment ii) the service delivery environment and ii) the enabling environment and iv) key interfaces.

Abstract taken from: P. Scott (2019) The Sanitation Cityscape Conceptual Framework – understanding urban sanitation systems All systems go! WASH systems symposium. Den Haag, The Netherlands, 12 – 14 March 2019.

Links to the ppt and paper on the All Systems Go! site will be added when available.